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Chcesz zmienić swoje nawyki żywieniowe, ale wyrzeczenia są Ci nie w smak? To proste!

Hi, my name is Gosia Zielińska and I’m a dietician.

Long hours of work, an empty stomach, yet a lot of stress. Do you know this feeling?

I will help you get rid of this burden, so that you can revamp your body and regain energy!

Hi, my name is Gosia Zielińska and I’m a dietician.

Many hours of work at the Long Long hours of work, an empty stomach, yet a lot of stress. Do you know this feeling?

I will help you get rid of this burden, so that you revamp your body and regain energy!

Learn about my 1:1 cooperation program

if you want to change your figure, regain your energy.

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if you run a business and want to take care of your employees.


Everyday you feel LIGHT.

You don’t roll your eyes anymore when you hear the word “diet”. Daily food choices are no longer a sad duty – they become natural and easy.

BALANCE has settled in your life.

Calling food good or bad is replaced by a feeling of ease and freedom, while the need to count every calorie – changes into intuitive choices. You swap your diet rollercoaster ride into a peaceful walk towards your goals.

You understand your BODY without words.

You look in the mirror and you know that your body is not just a machine. Everyday it helps you achieve your goals and feel yourself – unique!

Food is then not just fuel. Every bite and every choice is a step towards what you want for yourself.

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My clients' feedback:

I’m super grateful for the feeling of being taken care of and well understood. My action plan is tailor made for me and my unique lifestyle!

Michał - 30 - Łódź, Poland

Gosia – I’m very thankful that we met. I was never a fan of any diets, but your professional approach proved to be very flexible. The nutrition advice from you suits my taste and needs perfectly, since you listened to me carefully to get to know my preferences. I’ve achieved my goals, but I still use a lot of your tips because I’ve learned so much thanks to you. Thank you!

Gosia - 45 - Warsaw, Poland

I love the cooperation with Gosia. She is one of those dieticians for whom a human comes first. She creates tailor-made solutions that suit perfectly all my preferences, rather than hand over one default meal plan for everyone.

Ola - 29 - Warsaw, Poland

100% professional! Gosia learned every detail about my preferences during our meeting. Following it, I’ve received a full analysis of my nutrition habits as well as an individual action plan. It included plenty of information about both food and lifestyle, tips for the future, easy and tasty recipes. I super appreciate matching the plan to my always changing lifestyle! Thank you for showing me that a healthy diet does not mean boring food and hunger. I can already see the results of our cooperation and highly recommend Gosia!

Radek - 31 - Jasło, Poland

The words “professionalism” and “individual approach” get new, better meaning with Gosia. I recommend her fully, as our cooperation was based on an honest interaction and made me feel much better.

Justyna - 55 - Warsaw, Poland

The thing that I value the most about cooperation with Gosia is that with her you don’t really go on a diet. Instead, you learn to eat well. For me this also means being able to grab waffles and ice-cream once in a while… And you know what? I have these regularly once a week for breakfast, while still getting closer to my goals. I can recommend Gosia fully, as her advice has always worked well for me. Since we cooperate my nutrition got much easier and more pleasant.

Marek - 27 - Warsaw, Poland

Fully professional! Menu that will suit any picky eater! Gosia always takes into account my taste and preferences. She is very committed and can motivate people well!

Kasia - 36 - Warsaw, Poland,

Cooperation with Gosia is not only easy and pleasant, but also very individual. Gosia listens!! She makes sure that the meal plan suits individual preferences and lifestyle. She is open to changes and any fussiness. Good results are certain with her!

Aneta - 33 - Delft, Holand

Thank you for the amazing, on-going contact and the immensity of knowledge you passed to me with ease. Thanks to you, I’ve fully understood where my symptoms come from and how I can manage them.

Dorota - 32 - Warsaw, Poland

Very professional and individual approach! Gosia made sure to understand my food choices, habits and goals – in detail. Nutrition advice from her matched my objectives and lifestyle 100% – it easily helped me to achieve my goals. That was my first cooperation with a dietician ever and Gosia made me feel very comfortable, even though we needed to discuss my digestive issues. She was like a friend, who understood me fully.

Olga - 31 - Warsaw, Poland

Friendly, personalised and professional advice. Gosia is very knowledgeable in dietary and guides in a down to earth, warm and a well structured way. Absolute recommendation!

Roel - 33 - Leuven, Belgium